Get Uked! Ukulele Team Building Events

The Ukulele is happiness and fun in a little box with 4 strings.

It also masquerades as a sneaky little stealth bomber, bringing with its sunshine and happiness incredibly powerful benefits for organisations big and small.

Our workshops and team building events can include:

  • All participants learning to play a song in the first 5 minutes
  • Departments or teams writing songs on a theme and performing these to the whole group
  • Playing favourite songs, and writing your own songs
  • Finding your inner Rock God or Pop Diva
  • Various packages available!


  • Transform inner fears into outward success – most of us have fears derived from experiences of failure or shame.  These are generally not conscious, and can hold people back from working effectively in groups, sharing ideas with their colleagues, communicating clearly and openly, achieving their full potential and giving their best to their organisation. Changing this behaviour will have an enormous effect on the effectiveness of the employee’s or manager’s role.
  • Making mistakes is vital to real learning, creativity and success! In our workshops people get to make heaps of mistakes and experience lots of success – all in a safe, creative and fun environment.
  • Research shows that playing ukulele lowers stress, anxiety and blood pressure and dramatically improves health = fewer sick days.  Health funds in the US are spending small fortunes on advertising around this
  • It also shows that playing ukulele and singing along to it increases brain mass which improves brain function.  This naturally has many positive implications for organisations
  • improves work/life balance and increases workplace contentment and happiness
  • Take your skills (and ukulele) home and share with family and friends – Happier families = happier and more productive employees and CEOs.
  • Tinkling happy ukulele sounds are a real treat in the office environment and very easy on the ear.  We at The Uke Group have people from adjacent businesses and offices popping their heads in our door asking when the next uke session will be on – they love it!

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