Are you a School Principal who has heard about the phenomenon of the ukulele and/or Uke4Kids, and are seeking more information, wondering if it’s something you can introduce into your school curriculum?

Uke4Kids has been specifically created with Primary Schools in mind.  We understand the demands on the resources of our schools.  The father of one of our directors was a primary school principal for many years, and with this upbringing, she developed a strong passion for our primary schools, their principals and teachers, and their needs.  We have developed our program to support the school curriculum.  Listed below are some of the many benefits our program offers Primary Schools and their families.

For a limited time, Uke4Kids is offering schools a free very entertaining assembly ukulele presentation.  They are great for the whole school community.

In addition, for all schools that run our in school or after school program, we offer all school staff a free ukulele workshop.  Classroom teachers know how useful it is being able to play a guitar in the classroom, and this is even truer with ukuleles.  They make everyone feel happier, lighter, more settled.  There are thousands of songs you can play with 2 or 3 chords on a ukulele.  Lots of schools now have class sets of ukuleles, but often they sit in a cupboard.  Our workshops will have you playing, transposing, and even making up your own songs with your class in no time.  For Classroom Music Teachers we are now offering Professional Development sessions.

To find out how to get started at your school, please fill in our online form and one of our friendly staff will contact you shortly.